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Another step towards a premium European metropolis!

Prague City Tourism is implementing a unified dress code for all employees working at historical sites and tourist information centers in Prague starting from July 1st. This move is a strategic effort to cultivate the brand of Prague and enhance the quality of services provided. The collection, designed by Vladimír Staňek, also has a strong environmental impact as the clothing itself is manufactured by the Czech textile company, VAVI. The company aims to set an example in sustainability for other major firms and institutions.

The new dress code represents another strategic step in revitalizing Prague’s brand.

The individual pieces of clothing combine a distinctive royal blue color with bronze-gold accents, reflecting the city’s premium status. Interesting details, such as symbols of Prague’s towers on silk scarves, add a unique touch.

“The collaboration with Prague has been wonderful. I designed the new dress code to perfectly reflect the level and atmosphere of this royal city. The color combinations and symbols are meant to catch attention at first glance,” commented designer Vladimír Staňek, adding, “I was aware that people of various heights and proportions would wear these garments, which is why the sleeves, for instance, are designed in a raglan style to make them look great on everyone and flatter their figures.”


Client: Prague City Tourism
Type: Dress code