STINAK leather goods


We have found inspiration for the exclusive collection of men’s bags named COAL in the ancient sedimentary rockof organic origin of the same name. Vladimír Staněk utilised the process of long-term transformation of vegetation into black coal as a metaphor for illustrating the essence of the design process. The thoughts and creative processes that had long matured in his mind were eventually extracted for this luxury collection.

Stinak proudly builds on local traditions, both in terms of inspiration, by celebrating Silesian mining, and craftsmanship. The collection’s resulting appearance, as well as the new identity of the brand, has been determined by this connection. The colour palette of the bags refers to black coal and its plant origin, while the bag’s shape, as well as their internal elaboration and precise work with the leather, represent the best of the Czech workmanship heritage.

The entire collection has been handmade in the Czech Republic from the finest Italian materials and had a minimal environmental impact.


Client: Stinak
Type: Leather goods